Battle Royale battle royale is one of the popular game if we select the shooting genre. Battle royale games have become quite popular recently. After the games of Pubg and Fortnite, this popularity has also spread to io games. Thus, and games were opened and offered to the players. Along with this, game has attracted the players with its similarity to the counter strike game and became popular. is not exactly a battle royale game, but you can put it in this group because you need to survive in the game. Battle Royale is a cartoon first person shooting game in which the players are divided into two teams and they have to shoot all the other team members to win the game. The user can walk through the streets and kill all the enemies. It is a multi-player online game which can be played with people all over the world. commands and controls are quite easy for all players, so everyone plays this game easily. battle royale has five difference characters to choose from and the characters are known as class in the game. Classes:
  1. Triggerman – Assault Rifle
  2. Hunter – Sniper Rifle
  3. Run N Gun – Submachine Gun
  4. Spray N Pray – Light Machine Gun
  5. Vince – Shotgun
  6. Detective – Revolver
  7. Marksman – Semi Auto
  8. Rocketeer – Rocket Launcher battle royale
The user can choose the class according to their style of fighting and weapons they think would be helpful in winning the game.

Why Krunker io Battle Royal is Popular?

Firstly, these online battle royale games is like a stress-buster for everyone. It gives a moment of relief and fun in the hectic schedule of the human beings. These online games have proven to be massively popular because of there animation skills which attracts the players to join and play the game. In addition, they are portable. Online games don’t come with a setup like video games did, online battle royale can be played anytime, anywhere on any device but with internet. It doesn’t matter which version you prefer, the important fact is that these shooting battle games are there, ready for the users to start and get hooked.
These games are very easy to play and anyone can play without any thinking about the age and gender. The game comes with some pretty awesome updates which will be cherished by all the players playing the game. The very cool new features which includes the update of weapons, animations and class is very attractive.

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