Best Gun best gun allows the players to combat their enemies and gain the most points. A gun is the main weapon used in While there is no agreement among players of which gun is the best, there are definitely great class of weapons that can be extremely useful. And while all weapons are useful, there are of different class. This therefore means that some guns can do a better job than others and help you win the game easily. Best Gun

As mentioned before, players have always disagreed on what class of gun should be ranked the highest. In this post, we have ranked the guns based on what majority of players are saying.

Hunter – Sniper Rifle

If you are a fun of, then you will agree with me when I say that Hunter- Sniper Rifle is the best weapon in this game. The mag size is very good and fire rate is fast enough. The movement and damage are also extremely good. It is also totally balanced. If you hold the pistol and you can hit shots with it, you will find this weapon very satisfying to use. What makes it totally balanced is the Hunter’s health. best gun

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