Bunny Hop Script bunny hop script is meant to increase the character’s speed in the battle field by jumping in series. game is no doubt and interesting online first person shooting game. You can even make it more enjoyable by using krunkerio bunny hop script. This will allow you to pick your own characters, and even increase their speed in the arena. Then, you can kill other players by taking advantage of bunny hop speed.

No More Dealing with Keyboard Keys

When playing game, you have to deal with very many keyboard keys. Some people don’t like this fact. With bunny hop script, you will no longer have to deal with the keyboard keys. This script does its job without pressing any keyboard key. So you don’t have to press the bounce button all the time, so you can have a more relaxed and productive gaming experience.

Playing with Bunny Hop Script

Playing game with bunny hop script gives you an unfair advantage against everyone else in the fighting arena. When using krunkerio bunny hop script, you will be given some useful weapons that will help you win the game. With more awesome weapons, you will definitely be at a better position to kill your enemies. This increases your chances of surviving in the arena, and eventually winning the game. bunny hop script

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