Changelog game is one of the most popular shooter io games. Innovations and changes are made every day in this game. Players can track changes in the game with changelog. Thus, they can understand the game developments and changes in detail and clearly. Later, they can earn more KR points by developing strategies according to innovations in krunkerio changelog.

What Should You Expect To Be Included In Changelog Soon?

Currently, developers are working on a number of changes that will be soon available on changelog. Among the things the developers are working on include:
  • Better Anti Cheat
  • KR Wager Matches
  • UI Overhaul
  • Battle Royale
  • Account Recovery
  • Theatre Mode with the Dolly Cams and GOS and DM
  • Player to Player Traders
  • Trade Up Weapons
  • Challenges for Extra KR for every round
  • Search & Destroy Mode
When you check the changelog, you will also find out that the mid-air point boost was actually nerfed to 25 points. Most players expect that different guns will be added so that you can use them as you level up. For instance, when a player reaches level 10, they get a different gun for their hunting. It is the wish of many players to find these changes on changelog very soon. changelog

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