Mods game is a simple online snake game that entered the game life in 2016. In this game, you must start as a snake and grow your snake. It’s easy to grow your snake, but the competition is too high. The other players will want to destroy you. You can use the mods plug-in to easily override the opponents’ destruction. mods plugin will give you many extra features and the most notably feature is zoom in/out. Game

Do you love to play games then you can once try It is one of the interesting games in which you need to actually control the snake and you need to eat the feeds which help you to increase the size of it? Now you don’t need to find the game because you can play which has really exciting features. Whenever you want to eat such other snakes obviously you can make your snake bigger faster and all the diet which other snakes consume you can get easily. So you can use this kind of strategies in the game which would help you to make it easier and really you can score a lot.

General Settings for All .io Mods

  • Zoom IN/OUT
  • Change Background
  • Rainbow Background
  • Show FPS ON/OFF
  • Adblock Plus+

Private Settings for Mods

  • Create Your Own Skin,
  • Auto Skin Change,
  • Skin Rotator
  • The Buttons for Extra Features
  • Game FPS Counter
  • Anti Lag Script
  • Faster Food Collection
  • Snake Bot mods

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